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Boss recently put forward a new requirement, saying that the voice input Xunfei Voice interface in the project is not friendly enough, and it is required to modify it according to the WeChat voice i If you need help, you can't understand, you can add WeChat Many friends who do WeChat marketing, like to do group marketing, personal marketing, At this time, if you say a word by mistake, y How to summarize WeChat voice into an MP3 file?

Sometimes I want to save the voice content in WeChat, but I suffer from a short and loud voice, so I want to summarize it into an audio file. This artic At present, everyone in life can not do without WeChat, a social tool, so a lot of data in WeChat is very important for users, whether it is chat history, voice, or video are the most important with f Many WeChat users need to make bilateral recordings of WeChat real-time voice calls. For example, when teaching online, record the content of the conversation with the teacher; record the content of t When using QQ or WeChat voice to chat on the computer, the voice message generated on the computer is encrypted amr and cannot be opened by the player.

You can only click to play in the WeChat or QQ c The project encountered such a demand, imitating the voice message of WeChat, and clicking the ripple effect after the click. The code is very simple. You can do it in a few words. Here is the code WeChat is the most commonly used chat software, which can be communicated by typing, voice, video, etc. But did you find a problem, that is, the voice in WeChat can't be shared, even if you are collec Here is the code: R Background: WeChat cannot be used while driving.

If there is important information that needs to be answered in time, you need to wait for parking. Based on the above requirements, the WeChat and WeCh Programmer Sought. Home Privacy Policy. How to forward the voice to the voice of the WeChat girl voice package tags: Girl voice package Mengmeizi's female voice package WeChat girl voice package. Directly above, simple and clear 1: This sentence is the first sentence I made.

Wechat girl

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wechat girl