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The Kik app is officially shutting down. The company will reduce its headcount to 19 people, and will focus solely on converting Kin users into Kin buyers, according to a company blog post by Kik founder Ted Livingston. Kik is one of the largest apps in the US. People who have poured their hearts and souls into Kik and Kin for over a decade. How they would take our quotes out of context to manipulate the public to view us as bad actors … How they would pressure exchanges not to list Kin. And how they would draw out a long and expensive process to drain our resources.

Earlier today, it was first reported by Israeli tech publication CTech that Kik was considering shutting down its app and that at least 70 employees of the Kin Foundation , the cryptocurrency nonprofit spun out by Kik, had been laid off on Monday.

Since the news broke earlier this evening, conversations sprung up on Twitter and Reddit with users demanding answers. A Kin Foundation spokesperson denied rumours that the organization was shutting down, noting that an official statement was coming shortly. BetaKit has since confirmed with the organizations that the current layoffs affect both Kik and the Kin Foundation. According to LinkedIn, Kik ly employed people, with the Kin Foundation, which is registered as a Canadian nonprofit corporation but is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, employing 77 people, with 70 based in Tel Aviv.

This subpoena was followed by eight more over the first half of and 10 testimonies, searching into both Kik and the Kin Foundation. Together we will get millions of people to buy Kin to use it. And together we will build a new economy that offers equal opportunity to billions of people. Together we will win. Home Close Menu. September 22 Tweets by startuphereTO. We work with more than 70 suppliers located in the Greater Toronto Area and we benefit from a variety of expertise going from complex machining to systems integration.

I think it has really helped Umbra create an international style. From the very early stage we have incubators, accelerators and seed stage investors. In the growth stage, we have funders willing to invest a lot of money to really help a company take-off. This gives tech companies in Toronto a huge advantage.

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