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Here at We Love Colors we believe in love, unity, and the freedom to express your unique self through the use of color. We have created this helpful guide showcasing men wearing our different styles to help you pick the right one for wherever life takes you. We believe in fashion as a way of expression, numerous national and international magazines have used our products to style fashion editorials, videoclips, tv shows, live performances, movies and we even got to be part of some covers.

Some of our press features were put together in Buzz under Style, you will also come across independent stylists' projects or bloggers looks. Throughout the years we have developed tights that are not only colorful and comfortable but also fit every-body. Now we offer 3 different styles keeping the plus size figure in mind considering shape, height and weight. As a result you get a world of possibilities to create, explore and of course have fun.

When it comes to Cosplaying colorful characters We Love Colors is the go to place. Cosplayers find matching tights, gloves and fabric to bring fantastic creatures to life. Using our microfiber tights to create armsocks it's the easiest, fastest and time saving way to change your skin color in minutes and become whoever you want to be. For over 15 years our colors have inspired people around the world to create in so many different ways. We opened up a space called Inspired by We Love Colors where artists share their projects with us.

From fashion illustrations, to sculptures, to editorials. The sky is the limit! Love in every color! Beauty Comes in All Sizes. Styles available in Small to 8X. Founded in About Us. PRO Dyes for Nylon. Home dye with non-toxic Color Pills. Shop Now. Not Your Momma's Tie Dye. Hand dyed with love in Miami. Our Process. Made for every-body.

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Tights lovers

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