Snapchat sexy stories

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The app on Friday released the ability in specific cities to search for Stories with the nifty search bar they introduced to the top of the main screen back in January. Type in puppies, for example, and you may find a Story of Bye forever, world. I'll just be watching Snapchat videos of puppies all day. On first glance, it may look like the opposite of what Snapchat has been preaching: a place for you and your close personal friends to connect and communicate.

Snap is still a place for friends, first. You'll see Chat is above Stories in the photo above. The update also surfaces Stories "around me" as well as local "attractions. Snapchat's interest in being for your close friends is great, but it also seems that Snap wants to take advantage of all the awesome photos and videos it receives and help you get lost in the Snapchat world, kind of like what can happen on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

In other words, Snapchat is figuring out how to keep you in its app longer. This update comes at a difficult time for Snap. Snapchat, the smaller app for sure, had Stories first. The product launched back in October , beginning first with My Stories that allowed individual Snapchat users to stitch together individual photos and videos that would last only 24 hours each.

Snapchat released Our Story in June , which opened up geofences around particular areas and allowed Snapchat users to submit to a story that was then curated. Snapchat entrusted its employees, including professional journalists, to create Stories around particular events and locations, such as Election Night and the Battle of Mosul.

The motivation for this update, per Snapchat, was to do something with all the snaps they received but couldn't ly put into a singular narrative, according to a Snap Inc. Users can find snaps for a local basketball game, their favorite bar or puppies, as ly referenced. So how does it work? It's all a bunch of machine learning, something that may have been built in-house and also brought in via an acquisition of a little known company called Vurb last year.

Snapchat's tech is able to understand caption text, time and visual elements. That also means being able to recognize inappropriate photos that violate Snap's terms and conditions, such as porn and violence. These Stories are updated in real-time and could include snaps for longer than 24 hours. At launch, Stories in Search is only available in select U. Snap said it plans to introduce the experience to more areas.

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Snapchat sexy stories

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