Saran wrap mummification

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Basic mummification is fun, easy and inexpensive. It places the bottom in a situation of powerlessness and sensory deprivation which allows him to float off, forget his problems, and offer his complete trust to the Top. The Top derives enjoyment and satisfaction from his sense of total control, from the pleasure he is giving the bottom, and from activity he may initiate after the mummification is complete.

Here we will outline two simple ways to do body mummification. The head can easily be wrapped in a variety of ways as well, but this will add considerably to the time because several precautions must be taken, including making big holes small holes might tend to close up for the nostrils and mouth.

These techniques will be left for a future article. The most common method of mummifying is with Saran Wrap. Large rolls of saran wrap used for packing and commercial kitchens are always a handy thing to have in the toy cupboard. A head mask, two small balls of cotton, and an Ace bandage are optional. A second Top or more, they are in abundance is very handy for keeping the bottom from falling.

If you are the only Top present, you have two choices: 1 wrap the bottom down to the thighs, then lie him on a couch properly positioned nearby to finish the legs OR 2 use a rope attached to the ceiling under each armpit to keep him vertically supported near a wall or column. Wrap him, affix him securely to the wall or column, then carefully slide the ropes out.

That pressure under the arms cannot be sustained. In this basic article, we will not discuss advanced elements such as using gags, catheters, or breathing tubes during a mummification. The following precautions can be violated only if you are very experienced with measures necessary to ensure the safety of the bottom. We will put a head mask on the bottom and let him wear his boots.

While he holds his arms away from his body, lay the Saran Wrap from his back diagonally over the near shoulder, across the far tit, under the armpit and completely around the back to the front again, across the other tit, and diagonally over the other shoulder. But as you start to cover each tit, put a cotton ball there optional , held in place by the wrap!

More about the cotton ball later. Now wrap each leg and arm separately, working downward: this is done so that skin never touches skin when finished. The wrap should be tight enough so as not to slip, with lots of over-lapping. Note that it is easier to turn the roll if the Saran Wrap going on is between the body and the roll itself.

Next put his arms at his sides and his legs together remember the padding if needed. Starting near the shoulders, wrap round and round, gradually descending. Having bottom inhale and hold his breath while you wrap his chest allows for breathing room while he is bound.

Leave the genitals exposed by twisting the wrap as you pass just above and just below them. Continue the wrap down to the boots those into more elaborate scenes can even wrap the toe! To secure the wrap further, encircle the body with several separate strips of duct tape.

General we use strips above and below the genitals across his fingertips , above the knees, and above the boots or ankles. Be sure no tape touches the skin directly. Do not rush your mummification. Wrapping is a major event, not just a preliminary to a scene. It can easily take 30 minutes and longer if you like, especially if accompanied by verbal commentary.

On the other hand, if this is part of a Contest Fantasy, the wrapping record is under 5 minutes! Now to expose the tits. Those cotton balls make it easy to break through the wrap. Press a paper clip into the cotton, rip off a circle of wrap, then pull the cotton out!

You can attach favorite toys to tits and genitals, or wrap the latter in an Ace bandage. You could also add rope decorations or make a rope harness. Use your ingenuity. You can attach him securely! But keep checking on him for safety. An hour or two takes all his troubles away!

Another rather impressive way to wrap your mummy is in cloth. Get the 4 inch width if possible. Black is especially stunning. If you have a black Spandex hood for the bottom, it will look extremely good here. Wrapping the shoulders is the hardest part.

Put the center part of a strip across his tits, go under the armpits, cross in back and come up over the shoulders; now go under the nearest armpit, and over the nearest shoulder closer to the neck , cross the chest and tuck the ends of the strip into the front or back wrapping.

Next wrap the legs downward start high. Wrap the arms, but not too tight. Finally, wrap arms with body, and down the legs, as was done with the Saran Wrap tuck the end of each strip into the wrapping, and eliminate the twists that were done with the Saran Wrap near the genitals. Be sure to maintain support when you unwrap him or cut him out of the Saran Wrap with safety scissors , unless he is lying down. Unwrap slowly; too often the ending of a scene is not given the attention it deserves and requires.

Remove his mask, but have him keep his eyes closed. Have towelling to dry him, as he might be sweating profusely. Hold him, hug him, gently talk him back to earth. He has led many workshops at Leather Leadership Conferences as has been a driving force in that organisation in formulating SM versus Abuse statements. Notify me of follow-up comments by . Notify me of new posts by . Leave both nasal and mouth passages open to assure no breathing problems.

Be sure the bottom has urinated if the scene will be long. If he is not wearing boots. Otherwise the tight bindings will eventually cause unwanted discomfort. For longer scenes, offer water to the bottom periodically to prevent his dehydration due to excessive sweating. Have towels ready when you unwrap him. If he begins to panic, especially when in a head mask, comfort and reassure him as you quickly uncover his eyes and remove the mask.

Having him count slowly from 10 to 1 out loud may restore calmer breathing.

Saran wrap mummification

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