Mother son fetish

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By annee , November 25, in General. I have told my boyfriend about this and he told me he is OK with it. I enjoy thinking of my boyfriend as my birth son. I know it will sound sick to a lot of people. But I just enjoy telling myself that he is my real kid even when we are making love.

I tell him it is time to get back inside mommy. It has been easy for me because he looks so young for his age. Just last week this guy asked what high school is he going too. I am 49 and he is 27 so I am old enough to be his mother. I talked to my therapist about it and she said it is not hurting anyone.

Plus my boyfriend told me it is a turn on for him as well. But I wounder if others have this as a fantasy? I am daddy's little girl. He is actually my husband who is ten years older than me and he pretends I am his little girl and he is the dad. He also tells me I am not an adult and I am . Sometimes i joke he is a pedophile because he is having sex with his baby girl and he reminds me I am an adult baby.

He also tells me I just help daddy out with our child and when I clean our home and work in the yard and he calls it playing in the yard and when I go to work, he calls it preschool. Can't say I have it, though I would be willing to try the AB lifestyle out. As long as you two are consenting adults, I think it's fine. I suppose you might find a few more women who share your fantasies, but I wouldn't expect you to find too many.

Good luck, though. I think most people feel that women would rather have a 'big strong man' around the house rather than a little boy still in diapers or who needs nuturing. Do most girls out there want to be taken care of or would you much rather be the care giver? Nothing wrong with that! You are two consenting adults, and as long as the situation works for both of you, have at it! While not common, yes, many women in the ABDL community enjoy being mommies or other maternal roles.

Hence, you have spelled out the problem. Lots of ABDL guys are looking for a mommy, but very few women wish to play the role. I love it when my partner tells me that she is going to dress me in a nappy and plastic pants, it makes me feel loved when she takes care of me. But I know in certain circumstances that she like me to be 'in control' so I also like to take care of her. Sounds like you have worked out a mutually satisfying, healthy, fun relationship and you are enjoying your roles.

Nothing wrong with that. Have you both found an honest answer to the question of why your guy wears diapers should someone notice and ask? Most people won't notice, but it is good to have answer ready to avoid an awkward, embarrasing scene. And it needs to be the same answer so you are both saying the same thing. Instead of inventing something up, I suggest an honest one. Something short, simple and natural like. Once you have a good answer ready and you are both comfortable with it, then going out in diapers no longer becomes a big deal, even if they are a bit bulky.

Later on, once people are aware of it and the subject comes up in conversation you can be natural about it. You can say, "You know, he's become so dependent on his diapers. I'd hate to think of the embarrasing accidents he would have without them. So I don't mind the extra washing. It saves money. And I kinda enjoy taking care of his diaper needs. Brings back good memories for me.

And he's so sensitive and does a great job of doing what I want as well. We have a great relationship Have you both agreed on his emotional age when he's wearing diapers? Is he an emotional 27 yr old DL - his adult self? Or is he a 7 yr old or younger? What behaviors does he exhibit that expresses his emotional age? When you are at home does he speak like a little kid? Eat and drink like a kid? Play his appropriate age with toys and the TV he watches? Does he do age appropriate chores around the house? What do you do to reinforce his emotional age?

Do you always speak to him at his age level? Do you prepare his food and drink with his age in mind? Do you put out the clothes he has to wear each day? Does he have to ask you nicely for a diaper change or to go potty 2 , or does he have to keep quiet and wait for you to come check and change him when you are ready? I never set an age I just enjoy it.

One thing is he takes care of a lot of things in our life. The truly wonderful thing is he is always around or lets me know whats going on. We always traveled with her. THAT is somewhat creepy, however As for the incestuous role play I wouldn't be concerned either, like your therapist said "you aren't hurting any one", just because you you are playing it doesn't mean you live it or concur with it in real life.

With my literal mind, I always see a real child when someone acts like one but I don't find it creepy still because the person is over age. That is why I call my husband a pedo when he has sex with me when I am his baby girl because I see him fucking a baby girl. To him it's all sexual and I had to learn to do it sexually. He tells me I am an adult baby and that is how adult babies get their diapers changed. But I have never ever viewed anyone as a pedo for it because the AB is over age.

I am not stupid lol so I can separate it. Fantasies are just that, Fantasies, as in not real. Sex is mostly a mental game anyway. Heck no, if the two people find it pleasurable and no one is hurt well - Yahoo! Celebrate having a body, life, sex and an active imagination! A good fantasy with someone you love and a good meal as well you have had one good day.

I was a victim of sex abuse as and I can tell you, adult play is one thing and abuse of something very different and something very dark. Those out there that abuse in any way, mental - physical, deserve no sympathy no sanctuary. I know our relationship would bother a lot of people.

I am not sure why I get a charge out of thinking of my boyfriend as my son. I just have accepted that I do enjoy are role play. It has turned into a kind mother who wants to keep a bond with her son. As to the age I think of him as his real age.

I now automatically think of him as my child. To me he is my mommas boy as to age I think of him as my horny 17 year old. The diapers make him feel dependent on me. But sometimes we take a brake from them. No more than a week. I think it's a great and healthy thing to age play. Even if the other person may not want to engage in it during every time sexual intercourse occurs. I have always had a preference of dating women at least 22 years older than me and it's one of the hottest things to have them call me "son" or "good boy" in the bedroom.

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Mother son fetish

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