Looking for three way

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Just the Tip offers smart and compassionate sex and relationship advice from queer non-monogamous kinkster Jera Brown. My husband and I are interested in having a three-way with another woman. I had a few experiences with a woman in college, and I fantasize about having more, and I think my husband is curious about what it would be like to have another person involved in our sex life.

Any advice about how to best find the right person? In my experience, communication increases, and with it the ability for people to ask for what they want. And then there are tag-team efforts to please each other. In order to walk away from the experience feeling good and healthy, I have to be in a confident hepace and usually need other consistent means of affection in my life. But the experience can be nourishing and exciting and effing sexy as long as you go about it ethically.

For this reason, I applaud your willingness to hire a pro. My only advice is to find someone that specifically says they enjoy working with couples. Are you looking for a one-time event, or are you open to seeing the same person more than once?

Are you looking for any sort of emotional connection or just a physical one? And— foreign concept—what if you included a potential third into this conversation? What is she looking for, and are you amenable to it? I will warn you that you can never control a situation so completely that you will prevent jealousy from happening. Instead of trying to avoid it, consider questioning it and playing with it. On his podcast, Dan Savage gave another couple the advice of writing the Craigslist ad you wish to find! Want a better connection? Consider going to LGBT social events and being honest about being bisexual or bi-curious or whatever term works for you.

My hope for you is that this experience of looking for a third will lead you to discovering more things about yourself than just who you want to sleep with. Jera Brown writes about being a queer kinky polyamorous Christian on their blog scarletchurch. Their sex and relationship advice column, Just the Tip, is hosted by Rebellious Magazine. Follow them on Twitter or Instagram thejerabrown.

Looking for three way

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Just the Tip: How to Ethically Look for a Three-way