How to find nudes on tumblr

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Erotic Tumblr once ran aplenty. Alas, the light in the dark that was Tumblr porn has been effectively put out. Thankfully, there are some brilliant Tumblr porn alternatives that have been around for quite some time. Here are the best apps and sites like Tumblr porn in lieu of erotic Tumblr content.

Pillowfort is a small but mighty blogging platform that most closely resembles Tumblr when it comes to site capabilities, de, and user interaction, making it feel the most seamless among Tumblr porn alternatives. You can like and reblog posts, reply to and save other posts on your bottomless home, follow s and you love, and send private mail to other users.

Best of all, Pillowfort has a lax policy when it comes to NSFW content and gives users more overall control. Mastodon is good for Twitter alternatives much like Pillowfort is good among Tumblr porn alternatives. That is, if Twitter were conceptualized as free open-source software. This is especially helpful when it comes to NSFW content. In the wake of the Great Tumblr Exodus of , user-driven spaces like Reddit are even more valuable for creators, consumers, and community-seekers alike as far as Tumblr porn alternatives go.

But even if you typically use Snapchat solely to maintain a streak with your BFF, Snapchat is for flirting. And you most definitely can send pornographic content via Snapchat — good news for those searching for alternatives to erotic Tumblr. Adult stars have taken note, starting up paid Snapchats to cater directly to their fans. Sure, you can watch free porn tube videos of the same performers.

Many NSFW Tumblrs and erotic Tumblr posters were successful because they had a personal appeal or were run directly by sex workers, performers, or kink bloggers. In searching for sites like Tumblr, following and supporting sex workers on Snapchat is much the same.

Twitter has some notably lax rules in place when it comes to nudity among other things. Keep in mind, however, that Tumblr placed restrictions on NSFW content because of the proliferation of child porn and sexual exploitation. Just as perfectly legal adult content artists are migrating to other platforms that will host their content, there has been some discourse about abusers and pedophiles migrating to Twitter.

Be conscious of who you choose to follow, and as always, report anything that is offensive, racist, or seems like revenge porn. Her work focuses on women and the internet, tech, and health. ly, she has contributed to Tom's Guide and Texas Monthly. Currently, she is based in Brooklyn and becoming a keyword ninja.

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How to find nudes on tumblr

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