Dominate my girlfriend

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I think these things are a wonderful warm up to some very very crazy sex later that night, once we return home. Also, these may seem like tiny little actions but they pack a really big and powerful punch, so please use them! When your hand is on top of ours or your thumb is on top in certain hand holding positions, it suggests that you are in charge… in a really nuanced way. Our subconscious picks this up more than our conscious does! This tells our subconscious that you are in charge and it means we have to follow you because we have no choice.

These little actions make us very polite and courteous without us even thinking about it. Subconsciously it tells us and the world that YOU are firmly in charge and are serious about whatever inspired you to grab our wrist and move us. I love it! This little bad habit can grow into something horrible if you let certain kinds of people get away with it. So maybe you like Master or Sir. Tell us to address you that way in order to get your attention. It has to be sweet and affectionate.

We want to show the world that we take care of our man and that we are a team. It makes us feel much more at service to you, which is part of our submissive role! Nobody likes to say it out loud but a man is more respected when his girlfriend is sweet to him, because then he seems like a man in control. So if we are rude and bossy to you in front of your boss or maybe a client or business partner, then it may affect your work in a very small way over the long run. Choose our dress or tell us what colour or shape to wear before we go out. This is such a lovely feeling to be so instructed that we even wear what you want.

Sadly, lots of people think that holding doors open for their girlfriend or pulling out her dining chair is patronising and demeaning but those people are unhappy people! These things show us that you care about your property… which is us!! Letting us lean on you makes us feel safe and protected wherever we are! You could make it rude or you could make it more of a code word, but make sure that it has us thinking about our submission to you and what might happen later!

So that we can make sexual polarity a lifestyle and not just something we save for the bedroom. All of these non-sexual ideas make us think about sexual things with you and they get us super warmed up for later!

You want our complete respect and if we do these things together, that respect comes naturally. Dominance and submission is something that is best started non-verbally, and I can show you how to start this without any awkwardness or resistance from your lover. Find out which program option is the right one for you HERE!

I hope this article has inspired you, have a lovely day! Make us obedient, polite and respectful to you in public! So please tell us off if this happens! Why should you do these things?

Dominate my girlfriend

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How To Dominate Your Girlfriend In Public