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Today it is announcing a major update to its iOS and Android apps, which are now becoming messaging apps with built-in Web browsers. A move that is aimed to boost engagement among users — many of whom are youngsters, and 50 million of whom are based in the US. The Kik app now includes a URL bar in the side tray which will let users navigate to any site on the Internet hence the browser part to make sharing and consuming content as part of conversations simple.

The APIs will enable push notifications, sharing via Kik, photos, tapping into the user graph and search among others. Websites that have implemented Kik APIs will be able to offer native app-like services, which — in theory — means most users will be unaware that they are actually using a Web app rather than a native feature. In addition to opening the door to potentially the entire Web, the updated app will also give Kik its clearest opportunity to make money to date. Kik CEO Ted Livingston explains that, while not entirely finalized, the company is likely to use its new Web focus to make money through a tailored ad and content network-style approach.

So, for example, companies or developers wanting to reach a certain demographic or city of Kik users, could leverage the app for targeted outreach. Kik says it will work with brands and developers to help promote their content among its community of users — while, for users, the appeal of the new app is that there are no limits to what they can see and do inside the app. That means no frustration at clicking links only to be redirected to a browser, less crappy mobile experiences through poorly optimized mobile sites, and no need to leave the app to visit an app store to download an accompanying app — all of this will happen inside the app and its browser.

Though APIs are free, the company needs to convince developers and website owners to optimize for its messenger-meets-browser. Right now, Kik offers an engaged set of nearly million users — and examples of apps hitting millions of Kik downlo within a day — so, if brands and developers are wondering how to reach the Facebook-fatigued demographic in the US, Kik could be an interesting option that requires little adaptation on their part.

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Best kik webpages

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