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Emojis are cool. They add some fun to your conversations. And they can liven up even the most bland text ever! But have you ever seen emojis on Snapchat? They are a bit different from the ones on other platforms. Each emoji holds a different meaning. For someone who is new to Snapchat, these emojis can be tough to decipher. Snapchat emojis are actually like a tracking tool.

They track the activity between you and your friends on Snapchat. Factors like frequency of sending snaps, the duration of time for which you have been friends on the platform, and patterns of your interactions affect which emojis appear. In the screenshot below, you can see how the emojis might appear in your profile. They appear on the far right of each chat. If you interact frequently, you might see a yellow heart next to their name. You can have upto eight best friends. For the rest of them, you will see a smiling face next to their name.

Image via Snapchat. Basically, anyone could see who you talked to the most. This raised a lot of privacy concerns. At the same time, many people faced awkward situations because of it. Imagine finding out that your ificant other was best friends with other people on Snapchat.

These situations led to a lot of controversies. Now, your best friends are not visible on your profile. Only you can see them. So, your privacy is protected. You can also see the friend emojis in a closed group of best friends.

With this, you can get more details about your relationship with your each Snapchat friend without compromising on privacy. To understand your interactions, you need to first learn how Snapchat represents these behaviours. Overall, Snapchat has nine emojis that can be featured besides your friend's name. ly, there were These emojis differ slightly in Android, iOS , and other operating systems. So, the Snapchat emojis that you see on your mobile screen may appear to be a bit different than the ones shown in this article.

The BFF Emoji is a beautiful red heart. The BFF emoji is a yellow heart. It means they are one of your eight Best Friends on the platform. This emoji indicates that you and your friend send each other many Snaps. The name of this emoji explains its meaning as well. One of the Best Friends from your list is on their Best Friends list as well. Basically, you and another user both share a lot of Snaps with a mutual friend. The Mutual BFs Emoji is a smiley face with sunglasses.

It shows that you and another user have a friend who is close to both of you. This is called a Snapstreak. For a Snapstreak to continue, you need to send Snaps only. Text messages are not counted. If the Snapstreak goes for a certain of days, then a will appear beside a flame emoji. The will indicate for how long the Snapstreak has been going on.

This emoji means that your Snapstreak with a friend is about to come to an end soon. This Snapchat emoji appears on the date that a user enters as their birthday while ing up on the platform. You can also change them according to your personal preferences.

Snapchat also gives you the option to customise your Friend Emojis. To turn this option, here is what you can do if you use iOS:. For Android users, here are the steps they can follow for customisation:. All the Snapchat Emojis that we described above are the ones that can help you track your relationship with your other Snapchat friends. There are other Snapchat Emojis as well that are used by some of the most famous users on Snapchat.

Here are some celebrities who have unique Snapchat emojis:. Snapchat Emojis can be confusing for a new user. While on other social media platforms they are used only to express yourself, emojis on Snapchat convey a different meaning. By looking only at the Snapchat Emojis, you can tell how close you are to a user. Once you know the meaning of each emoji, it can be fun to keep a track of your Snapchat contacts.

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Aruba snapchat name

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Snapchat Emojis: What Do They Mean?